I always love the books on personal experiences, written well, it is like icing on the cake.


In her book Three Thousand Stiches- Ordinary people, Extraordinary lives, the author shares her experience and challenges at the foundation, when starting, trying to rehabilitate the devadasis, she had an unusual welcome not once but twice, deciding to quit but on her fathers insistence to persist, set smaller goals and to change her approach towards the problem positively she went on to empower not only the entire community but also their children making them self-sufficient.


Her decision to pursue engineering, considered taboo at that time in a conservative society was courageous, she ends up not only completing her graduation but also with good grades and setting an example for other girls and women for years to come.


In subsequent chapters, in a conversational tone the author delves beautifully on the indigenousness of various fruits and vegetables and the importance of Kashi(Varanasi) as a holy place and why the people take vow in the holy ganges.


The class of a person is determined not by the money one ownes or what he/s wears but the good work he/s does to the society is what matters, the author narrates this anectodally through her personal incident.


The plight of domestic workers abroad was well documented and how her foundation ended up being a helping hand to them.


On a journey abroad the author discovers to her amusement that Bollywood is popular not only in India but also has its echoes on a foreign soil as well.


The addiction to drugs, alcohol and how it ruins ones life is well known , the author shares the story of a group ‘Alcoholics Anonymous ‘ who are working selflessly to de-addict them and have a sense of purpose in their life.


To quote as the author rightly says- “Life’s goals is the ability to understand human nature and raise a fellow being from rock bottom to becoming a useful member of society. We all lose a few battles in our lives, but we can win the war.”


Personally, this is the first book i have read of the author, i would say – am not at all disappointed.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SUDHA MURTHY, prolific writer in English and Kannada, and chairperson of the Infosys Fundation.

ISBN: 9780143440055






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