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I got so involved with this book that at no point of time it felt me to like I am reading a fiction, divided into four chapters which starts with a legend of a girl lakshmi prasad, born in a village where birth of a girl child is seen with skepticism, considered liability,through her initiative to plant trees when a girl child is born turns it into celebratory affair.

The next chapter is about two eldery sisters, incongruent in character, but mostly revolves around the older sister NONI APPA, drawn to a married man, realsizes in crisis the one who truly cares about you comes to the rescue.

The third chapter is about a young woman already embattled by broken marriages tries to find her perfect soul, but in the end even luck deserts her, she briefly belonged to many but truly to herself– wrote her epitaph.

Finally, to which most part of the book is devoted to and personally my favourite is about a man Bablu kewat(Prabhash Ram Kewat), ostracized, abandoned by villagers, unfazed, by his sheer uncompromising determination went on to invent low cost sanitary pad making machine that transforms women both economically and socially.

As its said the only machine with “Strong Social Implication

The Final chapter, although fictionalized, is based on real story of Arunachalam Muruganantham and his marvellous invention , the low cost sanitary pad making machine, also made into a movie PADMAN.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Twinkle khanna is an acclaimed columnist and the best selling author of Mrs Funnybones.She lives in Mumbai.

ISBN: 9789386228055

PUBLISHER: Juggernaut Books

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