How often have you taught your grandparents to read and write ?


For a good cause if you are determined, you can overcome any obstacle.’

Yes, the author says, though I taught my grandmother to read through stories, it was equally her determination to do it that made it possible.


Access to books is important if you want to read, inspired, the author, through her foundation would donate books to libraries and make it resourceful.


Conversation with the former president; and how old bad habits if continued can ruin your life was thoughtful to read.


The selfless aspect of donation without expecting anything in return; and how knowledge is the real jewel which do not fade overtime.


The importance of History and why one should be aware of it; about her early mentor; and gratitude to those who have sacrificed for the country.


For the welfare of others, sometimes it is advisable to bear pain for oneself; how hearing out others suggestions can prove useful to you.


It is not the institution, ultimately it’s you and you alone who will change your life, a lesson, the author would learn from the life of her husband and Infosys Founder, Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy.


In life, we never know when a rainy day will come and you might find short of money , and you should be prepared for it, said her mother, the advice which would prove to be helpful.


We all know that Freedom is important, but it has many aspects and it means different things to different person, but no one can deny that the real Freedom is doing what you Like.


A problem has solution, but it changes the way we look at it.


The importance of doing what you believe in may not be easy at times, but persisted, it would surely give you good dividend.


When climbing the ladder it is very easy to kick those below, but one must not forget that you cannot stay at the top forever. The higher you go, the longer is the fall.

Gratitude is the highest form of education, says the author.


As Human beings we do make mistakes, but as the adage goes:

“ To err is human, to forgive , is divine.”


A person gets known by the qualities he or she possesses , not by the gender. That is decided by the God, the secret the author used to tell her students at the end of the course in the last class.

Isn’t that right ?


Personally, after reading the book, I felt though it is written from the experience the author had in her life, but I think the message one gets from it is relavant to everybody.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SUDHA MURTHY, a prolific writer in English and Kannada and the chairperson of Infosys Foundation.

ISBN: 9780143333647



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