Connecting the Dots


“Everybody wants to succeed, but not everyone do what it takes to be there.”

It is not easy to be a CEO of a company big or small for over a two decade, and transition your company through the ups and down successfully.

In his book CONNECTING THE DOTS , the author, shares it through various lessons or replicable innovation playbook, that he thinks, can be helpful not only to those in leadership position, employees, startup’s but to everyone who think they can change the world in their own way.

Born in West Virginia, a land of opportunity, being rich with mineral resources and home to big Chemical Multi-nationals, the author, learnt early in his life that if you cannot spot the market transition , innovate accordingly and stay ahead of the curve, no matter how big you may be, you are bound to become obsolete or to fail.

In leading CISCO, the author, credits the success of the company to predict the market transition, disrupt it, build a team that can execute the vision and strategy.

In doing that , the author emphasizes, a company internally may not have all the resources , so it is advisable to outsource and do Acquisition that can help your company to be a distruptor, be able to capture the market share and prepare for the future, but only if done rightly. for eg. it is not good to have merger among equals or acquisition of two big companies if it is not for strategic partnerships.

In building a big company, facing crisis at times is inevitable, but to stay calm and communicating effectively to the stakeholder’s of the steps or how you will come out of it does pays off.

It is always Customers first, they are the one’s, who can provide you the critical data, or other aspects of how valuable is your company or the products.

The vision, the author, outlines is digitisation or Internet of Things(Internet) has great potential and it will change the way we work, live, learn, play, for this to be possible both public and private partnership is required, he cites, how country like Israel, India, and France were able to understand it’s potential and are able to leapfrog various developed economies by promoting the start-up culture in their respective country.

To transition successfully, the leadership of company, is an art, and right now, at helm of JC2 Ventures, he is re-imagining the Future, by helping leaders, start-ups, innovators, CEO’s as an advisor, mentor, in their boards, to make them successful, as he says, I LOVE TO TEACH.

Personally, I believe, the book has it all, from the pit fall a company has to avoid to that of the steps one has to take, I would recommend the readers to re-read it , such that you can internalize it and execute it rightly.



with Diane Brady.

ISBN: 978-0-00-829704-6


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