Each chapter of the book was highly relevant and left such an impression on me that I came to realize its not just a happiness hacks but a guide to lead a beautiful and purposeful life.

How often we face a situation or a day when things don’t go our way ? What would you do ? Let the situation overwhelm you or “Let go” and be relaxed and think that things happen for a reason.

In her debut book , From stressed to sorted, the author beautifully presents various Happiness hacks which if practiced can make our Life happier and purposeful than before.

We all might have faced a situation when we try to give advice to others than required and by doing that we often forget the basic fundamental thing – No one likes to be controlled, suggestions is fine but only to some extent beyond that it’s like giving a command or doing things which is not under our control. The author, here emphasizes to practice restraint and be aware if such situation arises by tuning your mind to think in a certain way.

Have your ever thought the cause of our Unhappiness? Most of the time it’s only when we let others affect our emotions and take things personally. It’s like giving them our ” power key”. What is this power key, why does it matter and what should you do with it? The author explains this through an interesting story and hack.

The power of saying ‘NO’ to people or things that sap your energy , debilitate and effect us negatively is immense. Learn to practice saying ‘NO’ to such things through ideas from the book

No one will LOVE YOU until you LOVE YOURSELF, that doesn’t mean you have to be narcissistic or do not respect others opinion its that if you start loving yourself it can immensely improve the way you will interact with others and socialize. The book gives several ideas how to do so, including opening your chakra.

Most of the time for no reason we expect negative outcomes. Why not expect and learn to visualise positively?

How often we think when a day is not enough or we get burdened by endless list of things yet to be completed, stressing ourselves. If we face such situation, the author emphasizes to slow down the pace of your life through fun dial hack. Be aware which end you want to pace your life and use the dial accordingly.

Author says it is important to prioritize not only time but also your feelings and emotions.

When we are stressed, one part of our brain becomes overwhelmed.In order to declutter and free up space to use our brain and energy productively, we can use various hacks mentioned in the book including doodle which relaxes our mind.

Author also reflects upon how we often generalize someone’s opinion and take it offensively and personally. Why do that when maybe it’s not directed to you in particular? By”unlinking”, you can prevent yourself being hurt and stand by your choices.

Everyone face at some point of time sleepless nights due to recurrent negative thoughts. In such case, being self aware comes handy. The author tells you how to stop the thoughts, segregate the positive from negative, and sleep better. Also how to make Universe your companion to clear mind blocks as we should remember when we sleep it’s the subconscious mind which is at play.

The other thing which affect us negatively is the grudge we hold about a person or things for years, why not make a list of such things , unburden ourselves and try to forgive them by “cutting cords” ? Book tells you how to do this.

It is not necessary to speak and vet only the negatives. The author believes we must change our story and make it a positive one to inspire others and help ourselves accomplish more in life.

It is no harm to be appreciative of a person or things when its there to be appreciated. Its the simple gesture that can have bigger impact.

Never forget your inner circle (family) try to connect with them as much as possible for not to regret later.

It is one of the beautiful part of the book- we are always judgmental about someone and never try to think from their point of view. Why do they do what they do? It is the right time to lead by example.

Personally , I would say I have read one of best self help book after a long time. Read it to know it.

Happy Reading!!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sonam is an inspirational writer and gave the public the first glimpse of her writing when she started her blog SoulSpeak with Sonam in 2016. She is a professional Tarot reader for 14 years, a Chakra healer, and follows Nichiren Buddhism. She is highly spiritual and believes that everything happens for a reason. She has a passion for doodling and spends a considerable time glued to her sketchpad. She has also donated one of her works to a charity. The youngest of three siblings, she loves dressing up, accessorizing, and exploring new cafes in town. Her bookshelf has more books than she can count, but she won’t stop buying books, ever. She loves traveling and clicking loads of photos while she’s at it.

Sonam completed her schooling from Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata. She majored in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi, followed by Masters in Finance & Economics from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK. She currently lives in Bengaluru, where she works full-time at an investment bank.



The book is available at all the major e commerce website such as AMAZON AND FLIPKART.


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