The Heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companion slept, were toiling upward in the night.

It is a similar story of a boy with big dreams, who once helping his father into the business of medicine, listening to customers, implicitly memorizing the names of various prescription A to Z, would go onto become the richest Indian*.

To venture into a business when there are so many big players is not that easy.

In her book, THE RELUCTANT BILLIONAIRE, the author narrates that journey, how just starting from a small factory on loan licensing, targeting the niche segment in the various division, building a good relationship with the doctors and having a great understanding of the market would go onto become one of the behemoths in the pharma industry.

It was on 6 October 1994, when the SUN PHARMA, would be publicly listed, now armed with greater responsibility and additional funds it was the time opportune to take various strategic decisions and bring professionalism in to the organisation.

The strategic decision to acquire various small company would further strengthen its portfolio and diversify it’s product. But the real challenge of a organization is when it goes global and it was one of the challenging phase for SUN PHARMA, but it would persist and acquire not one but various.

The SUN PHARMA was a major player in the south, West and eastern part of India, but not in the North, it was dominated by another big player RANBAXY, and who would like to miss the opportunity if it is up for acquisition, yes, there were few hurdles, but the SUN RISES EVERYWHERE.

Personally, I feel, the book is one of the detailed account where the readers would get to know extensively about a man and his journey and author i think has left no stone unturned in narrating it.

PS: I have been more generalist in my review and have not mentioned the names of various products and the company acquired both on domestic and global front. It is at the discretion of readers and other to form a opinion about that.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SOMA DAS has been a business journalist for over a decade with publications like the Economic Times and the Financial Express. Pharmaceuticals is one of her areas of specialization. Before entering journalism, she worked as a lecturer in Delhi University.

ISBN: 9780670088577


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