Measure What Matters


Ideas are easy; execution is everything.

I never thought how such an easy concept of setting an OBJECTIVE and measuring KEY RESULTS could be the reason behind many successful organization with a market cap of close to one trillion dollar.

In his book, Measure What Matters, the author explains the practicality of the OKR(Objective and Key Results) concept through CASE STUDIES or you may call stories of various successful organization and how pre and post OKR their respective organization has completely transformed.

Be it Google or Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the author emphasises it’s importance and how it can bring transparency, accountability and collaborative mindset to the organization.

Further, when OKR is merged with CFR( Conversation, Feedback, Recognition) we get the real-time assessment of the people and what they strive for, it’s more like continuous performance management than the old Annual performance management.

The OKR and CFR bring apart from cultural change, Focus, Alignment, Track and Stretch which are integral to be a successful organisation.

The author credits these skills to ANDY GROVE who was initially executive Vice president at INTEL and then later succeeded Gordon Moore as it CEO.

Personally, I feel, the concepts were easy to understand since it was presented with the various successful organization and start-ups implementing it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JOHN DOERR is the chair of venture capital firm KLEINER PERKINS, which he joined in 1980. By investing in some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and companies, including Amazon, Google, Intuit , Netscape and Twitter.

ISBN : 978-0-241-34848-2



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