When we think of Raavan the very first image that comes to most of our mind is the evil one with ten faces, various emotions writ large to it.


In his book, Raavan-Enemy of Aryavarta, author has various surprising element to the protagonist (Raavan) , who rose from being a small trader to be the king of Lanka.

The mean through which Raavan achieved what he is today may be questionable but there is also some good deed which he has done for eg. he was so attached to Kanyakumari (the Virgin goddess), Vedavati, he would give huge sum of money to develop her village, but that would become a bad omen, as Sukarman , landlord sochikesh’s son, indebted gambling would kill her. Deeply grieved by the incident he would avenge her death by destroying the entire Todee village.


The beautiful thing about the book was it’s multilinear narrative the way author connect the various elements of his earlier series to this book and it was such a joy to read that in order inspite of reading a another book. For eg. Battle of karachapa, the swayamvar, the Battle of Mithila and the firing up of Daivi astra and the impending exile was there in earlier series too but the readers would feel that the story was said from the protagonist perspective. Raavan in this book.

Personally, i feel, the book has various surprising element to it and the author has brilliantly narrated it where required for eg. even to my surprise, although, i have read the earlier series , i would only come to know in the end that SITA was the daughter of VEDAVATI, the kanyakumari.

Happy Reading!!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : AMISH, author, IIM-K, banker, passionate about history, mythology and philosophy.

ISBN: 9789388754088

ABOUT THE PUBLISHER : WESTLAND Publications private limited.


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