We often measure our experience at work by the number of years spent.

In his book, CATALYST, the author beautifully explains that its not the number of years that matters but how well you learn, upskill yourself that drives the real individual growth.

The unique approach to measure that growth is by TMRR that is we need to set a target, should be able to measure it, Review it but if you stop with that it would be just like achieving another organisational goals, in order to have an individual growth you should ‘reflect‘ yourself on what better I could have done?

The other raw material for success is to be productive , you should focus more on your circle of influence than circle of concern( which is not under your control) and you should be able to prioritise what is important , the ‘rock first’ method.

The career for most of us spans around forty years and the author emphasizes how it’s the productive years we spend in the second half based on the foundation that we build in the first half determines the success.

The importance of good boss, mentors, striving habbit and the ability to make the right decision to quit and join separately than in tandem is briefly explained.

It is not the work that affects our life rather, the author feels, how we live and develop our personality holistically affects our work.

Leadership is an important trait to bring a transformational change in an organization and it’s not the position and content that determines a good leader but also the values he/she has that in turn drives the followers and influence.

Personally, i feel, it is one of the best book i have learned which is very comprehensive and easy to remember and i think if you can put that into practice it will certainly reap you big rewards.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: CHANDRAMOULI VENKATESAN is a corporate veteran with over twenty six years of experience in the industry. He has worked with Asian Paints , Cadbury/Mondelez , Mirc electronics/ Onida and Pidilite.He has served in various capacities , including as CEO and managing director.

ISBN :9780143442479



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