“Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolour, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure.”

After reading the book INDIA’S MOST FEARLESS 1, the readers by now would have been familiar with most of the situation our Armed forces are in and how by their seer courage and valour and with the motto Service before self they sacrifice their life to protect our NATION.

In a sequel to the book, the author has beautifully narrated the account of many such brave instances reading which I am sure it will be difficult to put down.

Be it the bravery shown by Major Mohit Sharma who disguised himself in order to neutralize the terrorists or the IRS officer turned Captain Pradeep Shoury Arya.

As I said earlier and repeat again you cannot be selective, for instance who would dare not to follow the standard operating procedure than doing what he thinks is best in the was the courage of flight lieutenant Gunadnya Ramesh Kharche who landed the aircraft with one wheel down or the skill and Fire discipline shown by Major Preetam Singh Kunwar.

Personally, I feel, words will never be enough for the sacrifices our forces make and it can never fill the void left by them, but atleast reading what they do selflessly for our country will certainly make us feel proud of them.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SHIV AROOR is an editor and anchor with India Today television, with over a decade’s experience covering the Indian military and conflict. He has reported from conflict zones that include the Kashmir Valley, India’s Northeast, Sri Lanka and Libya. For his work on the latter, he won two awards for war reporting. Aroor also runs the popular award-winning military news and analysis site Livefist, on which he frequently tells the stories of India’s militaries heroes.

Rahul Singh has covered defence and military affairs at the Hindustan Times for over a decade in a decade spanning eighteen years. Apart from expensive and deep reporting of the Indian military from around the world, including several news breaks that have set the national news agenda over the years, Singh has reported from conflict zones including the Kashmir Valley, the Northeast and war-torn Congo.

ISBN: 9780143443155



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