Why should someone take a bold step to start a private bank? It requires huge Infrastructure, Capital, Human resource, state-of-the-art technology and proper risk management to provide consistent growth and stay ahead of the curve.

The economic liberalisation of 1991 provided the right opportunity for the private players to apply for the banking licence., with decks being cleared but still a daunting task, Deepak Parekh, the chairman of HDFC, the parent organisation of HDFC bank, decided to start one , in the process he took one of the best decision that would change the fortune of the bank in the years to come- appointing ADITYA PURI, a former Citi banker as the CEO of the bank.

At the helm, he would build a formidable team of Super 13 who in their various capacity would successfuly transform the banking system in India. In every sector, be it in corporate banking, retail business, micro finance, health , education the ability to sense an opportunity and provide various innovative products to the customers and stay ahead of the curve with proper risk management is what differentiates HDFC Bank with the other.

From its formal inception in the year 1994 until now if you want to stay relevant you need to sense the trend , bring the necessary technology and innovation else the things will become obsolete and less efficient.

It was in 2014, a trip to silicon valley that would be a game changing, he (ADITYA PURI)would see various over the top players providing financial services at low cost and at greater speed.

Why should we use them? why we cannot be the one to provide such services..with that what would begin the technological transformation of the bank providing loan in just ten seconds; Smart Buy a platform for various merchants providing their products and services to customers.

The bank in June 2017 was predicted to be one of the top ten globally to achieve a market capitalisation of $100 billion marks by fiscal 2019-20. It has everything in place with consistent credit growth, higher CASA(current and savings account), market share of 7% of banking assets, the annual return of 22.89% (August 2018) more than 50% of its branches in semi-urban and rural India driving financial Inclusion.

It is a journey , which was filled with taking tough decision on merger and acquisition, selling its stake , stock options to retain the talent, and handling crisis with confidence.

Personally, I feel, the author has beautifully narrated a journey of a person who never made himself above the organisation he serves, true to this, he built a bank from scratch overcoming various challenges along the way, and for this I think he and his legacy will be remembered forever.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR : TAMAL BANDYOPADHYAY, A CONSULTING EDITOR at Business standard and senior Advisor to Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd. His weekly column BANKER’S TRUST is published in Mint.

In 2018, LinkedIn , the global professional network nominated him as the most influential voice in India. A year earlier, he was conferred the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism.

ISBN :978-93-88423-35-9.



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