It is no doubt that we are at the cusp of major technological revolution, which will change the way we live, work and play.

The major advancement in technology will certainly augment the human capability, but at the same time there would be perennial question about freedom and privacy ? Why should we forego our privacy and share data for better services. Will our data’s be secured and not misused in the guise of providing better services. Why shouldn’t there be a Me Model in which there are no intermediary and just like other trade the control on Data be with ourselves ?

In his book, Where will man take us ? , the author discusses such pertinent questions and talks about how AI (Artificial intelligence) will play a role in our daily lives.

According to the author we have developed artificial intelligence which is narrow and can perform certain tasks better than humans and we need to further collate and process rich amount of data in order to move from narrow to general and then to artificial super intelligence where machine will be better than humans at performing various tasks.

The role of social media and how they affect us reinforcing our bias by providing contents which we like- kind of filter bubble which make us to remain ignorant of others opinions or their point of view.

The possibility of technology is immense and if you are futuristic you will certainly believe in CYBORG , human becoming machine whereby through brain- computer interface we will be able to perform various tasks or if better done we can become super intelligent, till then let’s be hopeful that the technology we create do not harm us or we do not use to harm others.

Personally, I feel, the author has collated the facts well and presented the vast topic in easy to understand thing, but i also felt that few chapter would need more elaboration like the relation between math and art, and will technology be the new religion, other than that this book will be good start for the readers to generate curiosity and explore important topics like AI, machine learning.


Atul Jalan, is the founder and CEO of a pioneering AI venture , MANTHAN, by day.

ISBN : 9780143446934




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