Who would want to leave the picturesque and serene Mansarovar Lake , but what if there is incessant infighting between the tribes.

The tribe of Shiva, the Gunas, faced with the constant challenge from Pakratis, won the every battle fought , but was not happy at the violence and death of innocent lives.

It was at this opportune time that his tribe would be invited to the land of Meluhans(the foreigners), faced with the dilemma, Shiva would decide to go to their land and end the fight and recurring violence with the Pakratis.

The people of Meluhans were Suryavanshi, law abiding, and for them Truth, Duty and Honour were the values they have inculcated among their citizens.

At the land of Meluhas, Shiva and his tribe would be quarantined with Somras( the drink of God’s) an anti-ageing drink with some medicinal properties, but that would have adverse effect on Shiva, turning his throat blue( Neelkanth).

The Meluhans would be surprised at this and would believe it to be Supernatural and the one , the Lord, who will save their tribe from the Chandravanshis.

To Shiva, who would disregard the legends of Meluhans would keep questioning their king, Daksha, as if how one man can defeat an entire kingdom, but Daksha would not listen to anything and would continue to be faithful.

No society can be perfect and there would always be room for improvement and one particular law that Shiva would be unhappy of was that of Vikarma, people who would have to undergo sufferings in their present birth for their sins committed in the past, even the kings daughter, Sati, would not be spared of this law.

The plan and preparation for war with the Chandravanshi was very slow as Shiva was reluctant to accept the leadership, until an accident at Mount Mandar where the Somras was manufactured, would kill the chief Scientist, Brahaspati, and many innocent lives.

It (the accident) would act as a catalyst, and convinced it to be the handiwork of Chandravansi and King Dilipa, Shiva, would decide to avenge the death of innocent Meluhans and would organise an army of Meluhans to fight the Battle at Koonj, where the Chandravansi would be defeated badly and their King captured.

As per the treaty, the demand from Meluhans were not material but it would be of chandravanshi’s, who cherished freedom, passion and beauty, to change their way of life like meluhans under the guidance of their general, Parvateshwar, as according to them once the people of Chandravanshi would be reformed the perpetual war would end.

It was not before everything was to be finalised, Anandmayi, king Dilpas daughter, upon seeing Lord Shiva, would claim him to be their saviour, and would emphasize that Meluhans have misled the Lord.

Confused, and already worried as he couldn’t find even a single Naga(the deformed) at the battle, whether he committed a Sin of killing innocent people , should I have been at side of Chandravanshi’s ? Who were the evil or the Chandravanshi’s the evil or they being different.

Evil has a relationship with you. It will come to you. all you have to do is recognise it when it appears. Your Journey is not over, my friend. It has just begun. You have to go on. Otherwise evil will triumph.

Personally, I feel, the author has maintained a good blend of fiction and facts that are generally considered to be true, as most mythologies or epics were once a legend passed on to us orally over a period of time until it was codified into written text.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: AMISH, author, IIM-K, banker, passionate about history, mythology and philosophy.

ISBN: 9789380658742



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