How can anyone abandon a child like her, asked Sunaina ?

Janak Sighed. Many people are not wise enough to count the life’s blessings. They keep focussing instead on what the world has denied them.

Sita, the adopted daughter of King Janak of Mithila and Sunaina , after few years at Mithila was sent to the ashram of Rishi Shvetaketu’s( Uncle of Janak’s Chief guru Astaavakra) Gurukul, where she will be taught various subjects including warfare and martial arts.

Surprised at the skills shown by Sita , Sage Vishwamitra would think she could be the next Vishnu , wanting to know more about her he would ask Shvetaketu to send her to the Agastyakootam, where he would provide Sita the various knowledge and importance of being the next Vishnu, before she attains the Vishnuhood.

After attaining Vishnuhood , which at the request of Vishwamitra would be kept secret, she would return to Mithila, which by now has become weakened due to intrigue of Kushadhwaj, brother of Janak and king of Sankashya, and the death of her mother.

Hereinafter, the author , beautifully converges the story of Swayamvar, from the Ram- Scion of Ikshvaku(book) and the Ram’s use of Daivi Astra to defeat Raavan and his banishment to exile for fourteen years, the readers, would be able to relate the two stories.

However, the readers, would know more about the incident with Shurpanakha, the half sister of Raavan, and how in revenge, he would kidnap Sita, until She discovers, a friend turned foe, was helping the Lankan army.

Personally, I feel, the author has deftly balanced the character of both Ram and Sita in such a way that the story is not repetitive but also remains true.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: AMISH, author, IIM-K, banker, passionate about history, mythology and philosophy.

ISBN: 9789386224583



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