It was 7032, according to the calendar of Manu, the day when Lord Ram was born to Kaushalya, the wife of King Dashrath, she was happy as a mother but not as a queen.

As, On the very day King Dashrath, the Unconquerable(Ayodhya), Scion of Ikshvasu, and descendent of Raghukul, was defeated by Raavan,(aided by Kubaer, the tradesman) at the Battle of Karachapa.

The defeat at the hands of demon king of Lanka, Raavan, not only brought disrepute and dishonour to the king Dashrath, aggravated further, as Lord Ram was born on this day and considered inauspicious for no mistake of his own.

Sage Vashishtha, guru of brothers Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan, would train them at his Gurukul, such that one day, Lord Ram could become the sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu and avenge his father’s defeat.

After their time at Gurukul, and at the request of Maharishi Vishwamitra, the chief of Malayaputras, they would go to his ashram , and just before returning to Sapta Sindhu ( the land of seven rivers) they would stop at small kingdom of Mithila, once ruled by King Mithi and now his descendent king Janak, to participate the Swayamvar of her adopted daughter Sita.

At the Swayamvar, even the demon king Raavan would be invited, but considering it to be a small kingdom and powerless he would insult sage Vishwamitra and king Janak, but not before being dared by the sage to participate and win at the Swayamvar, but he would refuse it , and would leave feeling insulted, eventually, Lord Ram competing with others would emerge Victorious, and would marry Sita.

It was now time for Raavan to take revenge at being insulted, he would gather his large Lankan army outside Mithila and would decide to fight with Lord Ram and his small army , left with no other option, sage Vishwamitra, would ask Lord Ram to use Daivi Astra, but Sita would refuse to use it, as she knew that unauthorised use of the weapon and without the permission of Vayuputra’s , it would encourage banishment and on repeated use of it to death.

As Lord Ram and Vishwamitra had to save the Mithila kingdom at the hands of large Lankan army, they would decide to use it for the greater good and would defeat Raavan.

After defeating Raavan, Lord Ram would be known everywhere, and would be welcomed ceremoniously to Ayodhya, overtime , he would win confidence of his father, King Dashrath, by saving his life and just when he was to announce Lord Ram’s decision of self imposed exile to forest, and to be the crown Prince of Ayodhya, Kaikeyi, the other wife of King Dashrath would remind him of the two boon he promised to give her at anytime for saving his life at the Battle of Karachapa and as we know:

“Raghukul reet sadaa Chali aayi, praan jaaye par vachan Naa jaaye.”

( The clan of Raghu has always followed the tradition; they would much rather die than dishonour their word)

And, thus, King Dashrath, could not refuse the boon which would be:

To send Lord Ram to exile.

To make, Bharat, her son, as the crown Prince of Ayodhya.

True to his word Lord Ram along with Sita and Laxman would go to exile.

Personally, I feel, it is one of the best book I have read on Lord Ram.

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