Losing your loved ones can be devastating- sleepless nights, depression, stigma, more so, if you are women and have been just married, although, I do not want to sound pessimistic or create fear about any institution (marriage).

 In her book, The Unending maze, the author beautifully narrates one such story, set in the beautiful town of kalimpong, Agastya who meets Amaya by chance, falls in love and gets married to her, but just after their marriage, an unfortunate event leads to Amaya losing him, devastated, she keeps finding fault in her, and being engrossed herself in a repressive thought, that she could have saved his life.

 Overtime as she was going through the drudgery of her life, depressing, harmful thoughts haunting her, she meets, Rehan, finding solace in her companion, she decides to spend her life with him, until one day, he suddenly disappears.

 Was he real? or everything a hallucination? But if so, it cannot be for that long. I leave upto the readers to unravel the suspense that surrounds the Unending Maze.

 “Whatever happened was important, to make her(Amaya) realise that she was destroying herself because of past, and she need to give life another chance. Life should always be given another chance, no matter how many chances it takes, because one day ,finally, the prize eventually comes.”

 Personally, I feel, writing a book is never easy and that too at such an young age, but author does justice to the readers in trying to be honest with herself and her work.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR : VIDUSHI GUPTA, writer, Hindi and English, with a wealth of experience at blogging and freelancing to her credit.

ISBN: 978-1-64429-362-1



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