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How often we see our MIND become restless, full of unwanted thoughts, unable to concentrate. Is there then any way to control it, like an unflickering candle burning in a windless place. The answer is Yes, through YOGA or MEDITATION.

In Meditation, Mind and Patanjali’s Yoga, the author explains about the various stages of YOGA – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and how through consistent practice of it one can attain calm of senses and Mind.

He also outlines the obstacles and hazards of Meditation and how to overcome it and role of good spiritual teacher in futherance of YOGA.

The various stages of spiritual growth during Samadhi or Super consciousness, when one attains Brahman(divine) Conciousness devoid of consciousness of the world and how it is possible to comeback to the consciousness of the world if the YOGI is compassionate of Humanity(Lesha-Avidya) is beautifully explained.

The  preponderance of one gunas (Sattwa, Rajas, or Tamas) of which Prakriti or Mother Nature is made of can reflect the human Nature and how through YOGA one can even control these gunas.

It is not easy for everyone to master MEDITATION and attain Samadhi or Super Consciouness , but that should not discourage him/her, as he/s through devotion to God(japa) can attain such bliss.

It must be noted that as learning alphabets is basic to form words and thereby sentences , through this book one can learn the basics of YOGA and remember it is not a substitute for a good spiritual teacher but complements it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SWAMI BHASKARANANDA, a senior monk of the Ramakrishna order, president of Vedanta Society of Western Washington.


PUBLISHER: Sri Ramakrishna Math.


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