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Each book opens a new world of knowledge, facts, opinions, some heard of and the most unheard.

The ‘Dravidian years’ truly reflects this, the author, who himself was a bureaucrat in the state of Tamil Nadu analyses beautifully how politics and welfare programmes are intertwined.

The schemes like MID DAY MEALS, TINP, ICDS, have not only empowered women and nourished children but also served the political purpose.

The author emphasizes the unique nature of the state administration in that it has withstood various regime change and in being resilient enough to implement challenging policies.

Finally, the purpose for which the Dravidian parties were started, to promote social welfare, equal opportunity for all, the author feels have taken a backseat to some extent have become less of ideological and more of promoting competing scheme to serve their political interest.

The book ,according to me , have really opened a new paradigm in looking upto the politics, never before I have analysed welfare schemes in that manner, at the same time in initial chapters you may feel the necessity of more historical perspective of the parties, but the author in bureaucratic tone have been succinct and to the point.

ICDS– Integrated Child development services.

TINP– Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Programme

Audio of the text :

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: S.NARAYAN was the economic advisor to the prime minister of India, during 2003-04. Prior to that he has served in various capacity in the state of Tamil Nadu and GoI.

ISBN: 978-0-19-948817-9



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