Theoretically, most of us are aware of various adaptation and mitigation efforts , frameworks at the multilateral, National and Sub- National level to combat Climate change, the difference, however, lies in IMPLEMENTATION.

In his book, Convenient Action- Gujarat’s Response to Climate Change PM Narendra Modi, has illustrated beautifully with necessary facts and figures the policy measures and action taken by the Government of Gujarat, during his tenure as chief minister of the state.

Once a water scarce state, through meticulous planning , replacing and reducing tube wells, water tankers with piped water supply in villages and towns by forming decentralized Village Water and Sanitation Committees, energy audit, Solar based pumping system and Roof top rain water harvesting resulted cumulatively in the energy savings of 72,087.68 Mwh/annum , which is equivalent of 16,076.14 tonnes savings of CO2 emissions.

The powergudas of gujarat – water harvesting structures, farm ponds, village ponds, Jal mandirs , micro and macro irrigation have increased Ground water level , crop yields and farm Income.

The increase in energy demands neccessiates larger infrastructure and one such which is of particular interest is Sardar Sarovar Project– Construction of a Dam and building worlds largest lined irrigation Canal(458) km and the inter basin transfer of Narmada water was challenging, but was executed well, resulting in hydropower electricity generation of 15,070 million kWh(mar 2010).

The other benefit of this project was the the energy consumption in the agricultural sector has been reduced significantly, which was earlier used for pumping ground water and to recharge acquifiers, and used by much starved industrial sector.

The revival of Sabarmati River(10.6 km), by Sabarmati River front development Corporation ltd. was unimaginable.The water in this river has been brought from Narmada travelling a distance of 230 km , resulting in beautiful ecology in and around the surroundings.

The Long tunnel- panam High level Canal required the political will to go against the already set standards and readers will get to know how decisive action can make things possible.

Most of Green house gas emissions are from vehicles, the plan to build modern transport structure – Bus rapid transport system (BRTS) in the city of Ahmedabad have decongested the traffic and the reduced emission foot print to the tune of 37,000 GHG per annum and it also resulted in improving the air quality and ranking Ahmedabad from being the 4th polluted city to 66th, CPCB(2008).

The state wise gas grid network by Gujarat State Petroleum Corportation to supply natural gas to various households, automobiles, commercial establishments have resulted in the saving of 23, 438,110(2009) tco2 reduction in emissions.

The Certified Emission Reduction through clean development mechanisms of gas based power plant and innovative green credits encouraging afforestation and providing certificates through it to use forest land for developmental activities was one step ahead approach at that time.

The energy conservation through installation of energy efficient utilities in government building was sort of pioneering step.

The state of gujarat with long coastling of 1600 km presents numerous opportunites to harness the power of Wind and Sun , the action taken at that time through various policy measures have contributed significantly to electricity generation of the state.

The vulnerable coastal communities have been empowered Completely through the Sagarkhedu Sarvangi Vikas Yojana( Multi Dimensional development package for Coastal communities).

The inculcation of protecting Mother Nature through Green Pledge and Enlightenment Chariot a kind of human chain was innovative.

Improving human resource through Capacity building, imparting skills, building infrastrusure and institutions directed at mitigating cilmate change and integrated development of the state is commendable.

At the heart of these environmental friendly initiatives, it was PM’s firm belief that any action taken should be morally correct and beneficial to the mankind at large and development should be such that there is a harmonious coexistence of Man and Nature.

At the personal level, i feel, it is responsibility of every individual to reduce the ecological debt of future generation. To quote father of Nation- “One must care about a world one will not see.”

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Note: SINCE, I have read the e-book the image of the book may differ.And you can read the updated version of this book Convenient Action – Continuity for Change.


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